I won!

by | Mar 22, 2004


Not a bad day all up, considering that I learnt the awful truth from my mechanic

I had a fun session this morning and I beat the CB3000!!! hehehehe

And they said it couldn’t be done.

What else – went to Newtown for a late lunch – came home, did stuff – watched Queer Eye which is one of the few tv shows I actually watch… I also love Survivor, but I’m not sure what that says about me… One of my best mates from Salon Kitty’s was switch Nina/skye and we used to come in every week and talk about what was happening – I really miss having her to chat to!

I’ve had quite a few wrestling enquiries lately, which is interesting as no one has asked me about that since I left SK! I used to do quite a lot of wrestling when I was there (well at first anyway) – but I haven’t for ages…

I’m not an accomplished wrestler like a lot of ladies from the States (thinking of goddessamazon in particular though I know you’ve retired from most wrestling lately)… more just a mean strong(ish) girl.

I like physical domination in general – but wrestling can be so hard – maybe I just need to have another play and see what I think – it’s been a long time!