Much better!

by | Mar 15, 2004

Well it looks as if the worst is over as far as flu is concerned!

I’m feeling a lot better today – yesterday was better too, I went in to Newtown and had a nice laksa… all the chilli helps clear the head 🙂

I’ve got exciting dungeon news… my maid kelli has made me a new bondage bench to my personal specifications! I saw it briefly on Friday, but have really been too sick to do anything by lie in bed… so am now going into Underworld to have a proper look…

Poor kelli was very patient with me – I said I wanted it a certain height – kelli asked if I was sure – that seemed very tall… I said – “yes that’s what I want.”

ummm – saw it on Friday, wonderful but too tall – eep

So now it’s the “proper” height (as opposed to what I asked for) – I’ll be sure to report back once I’ve checked…

Oh – and if you’ve been trying to call me I’ve had the phone turned off (I didn’t really feel like chatting) – but it will be on again in half an hour or so – I just have to charge up…

Yay for better!