One more sleep – opera gloves and dinner!

by | Mar 5, 2004

Well – only one more sleep to Mardi Gras!

I had a very fun session today – I love seeing people who are a little cynical about “Professionals only doing it for money” – ha! I could go back to corporate land and make more money if that was what I wanted – I just prefer my life as it is….

Anyway – this was someone who had played in his personal life, but not with a ProDomme – I hope he can appreciate that I have devoted a lot of time and capital to Mistressing because I love it! It was a fun session anyway… 12 strokes of the cane, a few different CBT activities plus some nipple torture!

hehehe – a nice stripy bottom always brings out the worst in me!

I had some friends over too – and made a very yummy leek and lentil lasagna (its so much yummier than it sounds – not hunks of half cooked veggies like in some recipes) anyway very yummy – I had to think of mssslut because my friends brought a bottle of cricketpitch! Rather different circumstances to last time I drank it!

A few interesting calls today – people have seen my advertisement in Paddles and I’m really looking forward to some wonderful spanking… so many people find my spanking very hard to take – even if I do start out very light – I think because I enjoy the sensation in my palms so much I just spank harder and harder – much worse than a paddling a lot of times!

Also one of my favorite foot slaves is back in town and coming to see me tomorrow – though it might be better on Monday when me feet are all sore from dancing!!! Though at least this way they will be well prepared for the torment ahead!

And the opera gloves…

well I had a very nice pair of past-the-wrist gloves that “went missing” at SK – now I want the real thing! Check out this site for a few ideas! Or even better scrounge around at all the great things Here!