sniff… eggrhhh

by | Mar 13, 2004

Well the flu is now officially flu – not just a cold…

I’ve always hated how so many people say they have the “flu” when in fact it’s just a cold – or some other minor upper respiratory tract infection… like people who have “migraines” when it’s just a bad headache…

Anyway – I’ve had to admit to myself that I actually have a proper flu – with temperature, aches etc etc I was hoping to skate by with just a minor sniffle d’oh!

Yesterday I had to cancel a very fun session at the last minute – I thought I’d be okay after a shower/coffee etc when I felt like hell on the confirmation call as I’d just woken up – but it actually got worse… I’ve never done that before, and part of me feels I should have just “muscled through” but I’m just not able to really do that – I think my sessions deserve better, my full attention not a percentage.

Anyway – I’m sorry to miss deense before she returns to Maplesyrupland… but hopefully she’ll be back…

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PS: Not sure about the vodka and orange cure… but it makes being sick a bit less miserable (hic)