by | Mar 10, 2004

I made my first soup of autumn… a minestrone – very nice, but the best bit was what we call “bongo bread” which is lots and lots of mashed garlic with some good olive oil, salt and pepper… spread on half a bread roll – then a little bit of grated cheese with a sprinkle of paprika on top… grill until yummy!

It stinks – and I couldn’t eat before a session… but I think I might be getting a cold – and soup with bongo bread is the best cure I know! (plus the usual echinacea, vitamin c and so on… ) then of course there is the yumminess factor 🙂

I also had a nice glass of red – which reminds me… I love presents!!!

My favourite foot slave (who came to see me on Saturday) brought me a beautiful bottle of Margaret River Pinot – I’m saving it up for next time I cook something extra special… Plus he brought me a couple of cool cds of french lounge music… I played one in session – and it was great – looking forward to listening to the other one…

So he’s in the “good books” – even more than usual – the fantastic foot massage is more than enough usually – but presents make me happy!

As my other slave today realised… he’s someone I’ve been seeing for a couple of years I think – (since SK) who I always have fun with. He brought be a lovely stone box with dragonflies carved on it… I’ve put it on the mantel piece in the main dungeon!

Anyway the session itself was very fun – this slave of mine is very very quiet – he’s very submissive – and has a lot of trust in me – which I appreciate… today we played for a couple of hours and focussed a lot of watersports. Yay! Oh and the rest 😉

Anyway – a fun session tomorrow coming in – and then I’ve got a meeting for my “proper work” – I’ve been invited to well, not exactly pitch as it’s not an open call as far as I know… but discuss options…

It’s good to keep my hand in – re my other profession… I spent too long developing skills and contacts to just let it all go… nice to know I’m in demand in both professions!

Oh – and Iain – sorry I didn’t get back to you today… will call tomorrow… don’t forget – patience is a virtue!

PS: Korean baths with deense tomorrow – hoyhoy – hot naked chicks ahoy! hehehehehe