bits and bobs…

by | Apr 13, 2004

My poor car is back at the mechanics again – curses! Some problem with the new engine – hopefully they’ll sort it out a bit faster this time…

In other news, I’ve had a few fun sessions lately… all with people who are either new to me, or even new to BDSM.

I don’t mind seeing novices – as long as they have really thought about why they want to submit… I’m not so interested in the “sexual shopper” sort of newbie.

One sweet sub has been following my exploits online for over a year, but hasn’t been in Sydney with time for mischief! I’m so glad he made it to my feet this time 🙂

Today was a very experienced submissive who came over all nervous – but he stopped chatting long enough to submit and I had a lot of fun tormenting him… Hopefully the sound of my laugh is still in his ears 😉

Anyway – errands to run tomorrow… plus I’m a bit behind on some email – oops! I hate when it builds up, usually I’m quite good at replying