Cool day!

by | Apr 15, 2004

I had a fun day today – I escorted a young relative to Parramatta (by train!) for an interview with ColesMyer – I had two hours to kill while he was put through group psychometric testing (all this to work in Myer or Kmart) so I went to Westfield Parramatta…

Gosh that place is huuugeee – I totally hate malls, I can never find anything I want there – they’re just too big and confusing and seem to have so many shops all selling the same crap – give me King St any day!

I did however buy several pairs of stockings and a new book at Myer – so all the time wasn’t wasted….

The book?

The Da Vinci Code – which finally sucked me in even if I don’t generally like mysteries… So far I’ve been enjoying it – even if it was rather badly written – hmm, not the usual standard, but still fun so far.

Then went to the movies and saw – The secret window – with Johnny Depp! It was also okay, not great – but pretty scary in parts and Johnny Depp was great as usual, he’s had such an interesting career; Cry Baby, Chocolate, Dead Man, Pirates….

And then!

A very very cool extended heavy bondage session!!!

I did a “standard” standing position with the addition of some head bondage – a crazy japanese style kneeling suspension, umm and quite a few other cool things… it was very fun!

So all in all – a very cool day!