Dragon in a dungeon!

by | Apr 28, 2004

Sometimes I can be such a dragon on the phone – if I haven’t seen someone they often have to do a bit of convincing before I’ll agree to see them! It’s just that there are sessions I don’t really like, and aren’t really all that good at – so I try and avoid them! Bondage and tease for example… shudder…

Anyway yesterday I saw someone that I had tried my best to talk out of a session – but he was determined to see me! It was just a short session – but quite fun, even if he was a bit cheeky!

Today I’ve been pretty tired – but it’s amazing how a good session can make you feel better! That said – I think I was pretty brutal to the sub who came in – I guess I have to remember not to always believe what people tell me about their levels!

I think I’ll go to bed – hopefully this time miss kittie won’t jump on my head all night…

Oh – and yesterday was my girl’s birthday! Happy Birthday baby… mwa mwa