by | Apr 15, 2004

I was found today!

Another of my subs that I often saw at SK saw an advertisement in the paper and rang me up! It’s funny how there are still so many of my favorite subs coming “out of the woodwork”

Plus I had a fantastic cp session with the naughty boy who needs firm discipline at regular intervals… this time I was the head-prefect in my conservative school uniform – tam, tie, white shirt, knee-length kilt… it was strange looking at myself in the mirror – like going back in time!

It’s funny how much I seem to have in common with a lot of my subs – old cars, nice wine, spanking! But I guess certain types of people are attracted to bdsm – and to me as a Mistress in particular…

I also spent time playing civilisation! Now I see tiny little frigates and cavalry running around when I close my eyes!!!

Oops – and I always thought I didn’t really like computer games – guess I just hadn’t found the right game….