Not much to update….

by | Apr 8, 2004

Not really a lot happened today…

I was supposed to have lunch with a very good friend of mine today – but she’s got a lot going on at the moment – so we didn’t end up catching up after all….

However I did have a second session with a new sub of mine that I’m having a lot of fun introducing to a few nortie things! He only has 30 minute sessions (otherwise known as a Short Sharp Shock!) that cover a few little items but end with a golden shower – always a favourite!

Then I went to Surry Hills and picked up a very sexy bootshine stool/box for my bestest bootgrrl – to go with my butch new boots of course! Apparently they’re (the box/stool) made by a little old retired man – I wonder if he knows what goes on with them!

I only played Civilization 3 for a little bit…. really! – and I only ate a little bit of chocolate – thanks to my rubber bondage slave from yesterday… I love presents 🙂

Then lots and lots and lots of washing – at least the rain has stopped – I’ve had to ferry wet towels back to my house from Underworld… I’ve only got a dryer at my actual house!

Girls’ Party tomorrow night – run by my friend Ms F – I’m a bit nervous at having “strangers” in my house (Underworld) – it’s a weird feeling… but I’m not the hostess so I don’t need to worry I guess!