And the winner is….

by | May 9, 2004

I’ve not been on the phone today…

First I took boy to the airport to go visit his fam for a few days (he’s back for Inquisition thank goodness!)

Then I went back to bed (hey – I was up at 6.30am!) I’m not at all good when I’m tired – for some reason I couldn’t find my way home from the airport properly, instead of a 10 minute drive it was about 25! D’oh!!!!

Then went with girl to Leather Pride fair day – this year I didn’t dress up (last year I wore my leather corset etc etc).. but I did win the hogtie competition! Yay for me!!! and I was even kind enough to give a quick hogtie lesson to one of the other contestants….

It ***rained*** and my naughty girl was pretending to be shy again – so I had to borrow a cute butchgrrl sub from a friend of mine (thanks!) to be my “body” – lucky we won – I gave her the $50 voucher from Radical which was the prize – I have to say I have a lot of gear from them in my dungeons – they are by far the best leather shop in Sydney for anything fetishy – totally shit on Sax – which is now using cheap shite leather… (how ghastly!)

Anyway there was another prize of a personal training session – I don’t have all the info to hand, but will let you know what happens!

Also of course caught up with ozgenre and his lovely girl deense at fair day – and at the pub afterwards for beer!

Then had dinner with my mum – see – even Dominatrixes have mothers!!!

Tomorrow I have to do some serious cleaning etc at Underworld – and probably sort out the dungeon phone! Boy made up some cards for dungeon hire – and since they have the dungeon phone number on them I should probably sort out the message bank etc etc … eek!