Busy busy day

by | May 6, 2004

Well today was very busy and very fun!

I had an older gentleman at 10 am this morning – his only interest is enemas – which is okay, but pretty dull to be honest… he was running late too – which makes a change as usually all my subs are early and I end up running to answer the door with only one boot!

Then at 1 pm a “naughty boy” who had seen my advertisement in Paddles and had presented himself with a note from his form mistress detailing the punishment he was due! Very fun – I love school role play though any excuse to administer the cane is a good excuse!

Then I went home – had a snack and a bath then back to Underworld!

Heavy bondage session! Yay!!

This time I used my second dungeon for most of the session – and did a few very interesting positions (well interesting to me anyway and hey, I’m the Mistress!) and had a lot of fun! I really enjoy when a slave can actually take difficult heavy bondage, not just restrictive heavy bondage – as in positions that are a stress on the body and not just lying flat being tied down…

Feeling tired but accomplished – any day that brings both a caning and a couple of house of heavy rope bondage is a very good day!