by | May 19, 2004

Well I had a couple of interesting sessions today…

One of which was a full transformation! I haven’t done one of these for ages, I have to say I really enjoy seeing a “new woman” emerge under my careful application of makeup, wig and corsetry!

That said – a certain naughty girl may be in trouble – but I will be (as all too often) generous and will wait and see before making a final decision…

Oh – and really, while there is a chance of a same day session, it’s really always a good idea to ring in advance if you know that you will want to come in… I do get very busy and to be honest, I run out of patience when the same silly boys ring me two or three days in a row asking for a particular time! If they’d only booked on the first call – they’d be in the next day probably, instead of missing out!

(shakes head at silly subbie boys)

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