Party night!

by | May 8, 2004

I had a good day yesterday – I was feeling a bit stressed earlier but spending some time with boy was good… he’s known me as “fantasy Mistress” at SK, but also as grungy hangover woman and is still mine.

Anyways grey_evil_twin and felix_femme had a grrls party at Underworld last night for Leather Pride week… it was great fun! I think I really enjoy not having to be the host – but still having the benefits of partiness!

I mostly just socialised but at one stage the allure of rope struck too hard and I did a suspension on a wonderful, very experienced bottom… she’d not had a lot of bondage, and had never been suspended with rope before – but has been suspended with hooks!

All in all a very fun night – very cool to catch up with mistressfi and her girl and mistressquinn who has been MIA for a while with extreme business!