Relaxing weekend

by | May 2, 2004

Well I had a relaxing weekend…

I went out to the CDI International Dressage on Saturday – which was quite fun… though I have to say that the standard of music in the Freestyle to music (which we went to see) was terrible! Several competitors (who competed at Olympic level) sounded like they had programmed their music on their mobile phones! eeek – midi blergh….

Also – someone needs to ban both Billy Joel and Michael Jackson (shudder)

Today – family stuff – cleaning at home which I’m not usually very good at… My dungeons are spotless, but non-professional spaces…. hmmm – not so great.

How nice was the weather today!!!

Clear crisp bright blue sky – cold but sunny… too good!

Though it’s been getting cold at night… glad there’s still some wood at home for the fire.

A nice glass of red was well appreciated with dinner tonight – thanks so much to one of my newest subs who brought me a lovely bottle of Pinot last week! serpentine_kiss mentioned a restaurant review community – which would be fantastic, but I hope we can include wine… as I love discovering new favorites