Sunny day

by | May 4, 2004

I didn’t have anything on today so I went to Bronte beach and walked around to Bondi beach for a coffee and snack- lovely sunny walk along the water…

The odd thing about this is that I lived in Bronte for 10 years – so it’s kind of strange being back. I moved to the inner west in 2000 – and for at least a year I hated it because it wasn’t the East – before Bronte – I lived in Double Bay for 10 years, so I had spent most of my life near the water.

Just a reminder that you can’t go back – everything is a lot slicker – to me it feels less authentic, but I guess that’s just because of the time.

That said – I had a nice walk and a tasty salad and a great coffee at Gusto… so it was a good day!

Oh – and I re-booked my advertising in the local papers… I have mixed feelings about this – I haven’t been in for a few weeks and have been quite busy, but it’s still good I think to keep my name out there…

The upside is that a lot of my ex-subs from Salon Kittys don’t necessarily use the Internet (or rather don’t have a secure, discreet connection they can surf from) – so I do still get “return to Mistress” from the paper… the downside is of course people who don’t understand what BDSM is about… lots more enquiries than bookings and questions like “what do you look like”