by | May 21, 2004

I had such a great day yesterday – I went to the Botanic Gardens and ended up spending hours mooching around in the sunshine – the herb garden is fantastic, all those different kinds of mint baking in the autumn sun and smelling wonderful. There are also a heap of sculptures throughout the park, everything from a big equestrian statue of King Edward at the gates to a big round sensuous ball that runs with water when you touch it…

I had such a nice relaxing day.

Today I had a couple of sessions – both short ones… One went better than the other, but nothing bad…

Funnily enough I had two other bookings that cancelled – but luckily in enough time that I was able to let someone else have a last minute booking….

Hellfire is on tonight, and I was actually thinking about going, but I have a 10.30 booking tomorrow morning so probably not a good idea – one day I really will come out!

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