temper temper

by | May 25, 2004

Oh dear – I had a temper tantrum earlier today…

I have a terrible temper, which is very rarely seen – I *never* lose my temper in session, though sometimes I do have to have it under tight rein… anyway – I lost it badly today, jut about a little thing… but I broke a small glass panel in my bathroom door when I kicked it – oops

So then I went and had a nice brunch in Newtown and spent some money! I bought a present for timling and a couple of computer games – Civ 3 and SimCity 4 for my ibook… so now I can waste time everywhere!


Then went to my favourite little pampering store – Soap Kitchen… it’s down the St Peter’s end of King St, and has a wonderful range of all natural beauty products… I really like the guys who run it too – very sweet. He gave me a bar of tangerine and lavender soap! I really like supporting a small local business, they make some of their own products, but mainly source unusual natural products from all over the place…

Now I think I’ll play!

(oh and finish cleaning up the broken glass in the bathroom)