Two sore bottoms and one sore shoulder

by | May 27, 2004

Well I had two very fun sessions today – one with my (very) regular CP sub, and the other with a new CP sub who had seen me in Paddles…

I love “pure” CP sessions – 30 minutes of focussed and intense discipline, often as Headmistress in my schoolroom… It’s always so much fun seeing a new cp sub as they are always so surprised to have a spanking that actually hurts! I like to build up, but by the time I’m finished with them over my knee – they really know they’ve been punished… Then of course then there’s the strap – and the cane!

Hehehehehe – so a fun day, but it does leave my shoulder a little tender… what’s worse of course is that I use a lap-top (on my lap) which is bad for one’s neck/shoulders also 🙁

What else has been going on – I’ve been a little slack in updating… umm – oh – playing civilization on my laptop! I bought a Mac version…

Oh – and here’s my acronym… cool!

M Magical
S Shiny
S Silent
E Enchanting
R Rich
V Valiant
A Amorous
L Lazy
A Accurate
N Nice

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