2 x 2

by | Jun 9, 2004

I had two two hour sessions today!

First one was booked weeks ago, and was heavy discipline on a very charming gentleman! He stayed safely on the charming side of cheeky this visit 😉

I had three heaters on! The reverse cycle air-con, an oil heater and a little bar heater… so finally got the room nice and warm – and even managed not to short out the whole house!

Was just mooching around after cleaning and having some lunch when someone who I haven’t seen since I left SK rang! It’s always so nice to be found I must say!

He is a very fun heavy bondage sub, who is really into layering and restriction – he *loved* the latex vac bed… especially when I rigged a lot of tight ropes over the top! I then did a cool standing position on the chain-web, first corset, boots and latex hood, then layers and layers of gladwrap binding him tightly to the chains, then lots and lots of tape – tighter and tighter and tighter…. mmm very fun!