by | Jun 9, 2004

More fun today! A session which included three of my favourite things – watersports, corporal punishment and foot worship! Can’t go wrong with that sort of combination – especially when the sub in question is so responsive to the strap! (I love my strap – made as always by Radical Leather)

Plus the Optus man came to fix my internet connection – which has been rather flaky lately…

I’m been totally neglecting My board on the Hang at Max Fisch so I promise faithfully to go back to posting… sheridantaylor has of course been totally carrying me! I don’t know how she thinks up so many topics!!!

So if anyone thinks of a question to ask – please do so!

New things I’ve recently bought – a very cool “Gallows Hood” from Radical Leather – it’s basically a head-size draw string bag, with some breathing holes… smells wonderful and is very dark and very claustrophobic – a totally different sensation to the tight latex hood that I often use or my other traditional gimp style leather hood…

Umm – what else….

Oh – new cock ties! I know this probably seems strange to others, but I have been obsessed with getting the right sort of cord for genital bondage. The lady I took over from used boot laces – which while they are a good length (nothing worse that a stupidly short cock-tie) they don’t launder so well and look well – “pilly” – clean but not so attractive… anyway I have found the right sort of cord and have now bought several meters in red! I promise not to make the bits match the tie – hehehehehehe

I have a couple of leather and metal genital bondage devices – and back at SK there were at least a dozen – but I never really use them – they never seem to fit perfectly… that’s why I love bondage – so infinitely adjustable! And nice and secure for hanging my lovely leather weights from 🙂

I forgot to mention before that I went and saw “Supersize Me” – I thought it was great – if a little didactic, but you tend to get that with these sorts of documentaries…

I have very little compassion however with people who try and sue – after all, no one is really so stupid that they believe that McDonalds is healthy! I’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years though, so I don’t really have the same relationship with Maccas that most of my generation have… that said – I am very happy with the new veggie burger, it’s not really all that nice, but it does mean that almost no matter where I am in Australia, I can find something to eat! Those of you who haven’t been a veggo traveling out of major cities can’t know how exciting this is….