by | Jun 13, 2004

Well today was interesting – I had one of those “probable wanker” bookings today – I don’t understand why people make bookings that they never intend to keep… though sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised by people who do confirm and come to see me as discussed!

Instead I had a call from someone I’ve been seeing for over 3 years call and I was able to give him a same-day, which is often possible (just not always – and certainly not if you call after about 5 when I’m probably at home again – maybe even with a nice glass of wine!) So anyway he came in to see me which was really nice – though sometimes I surprise myself by how brutal I can be… dressage whip to the c*ck anyone???

Hehehehe – it makes me think about how as a Domme you get what you train for…

Some Mistresses, meet a new(ish) person – a year later they’re doing full transformation, or taking a fisting, or sever humiliation – if I take a look at the boys who’ve been serving me for some time – there are a large number of people with stripy caned bottoms (and always have been), but also now a lot of rope lovers…

(happy sigh)

mssslut gave me a lovely bottle of red when he was here for his overnight session, I drank it finally tonight – it was so good! Yummm – I have another lovely gift that I haven’t drunk yet – so I’m looking forward to the treat… A nice bottle of red is such a thoughtful gift in winter time!

I have a very fun session planned for tomorrow – a couple of my friends are coming in to voyeur a session – heavy bondage and cbt… My girlfriends are really looking forward to it – it’s not the sort of thing you get to see much of in your day-to-day life as a suit-chick!

Oh – and…

How to make a MsServalan
5 parts anger
3 parts brilliance
1 part ego
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Serve with a slice of sadness and a pinch of salt. Yum!