An update!

by | Jun 23, 2004

Here is some news!

I’ve been a bit quiet lately – thinking about my family, and how lucky I am to have good genetics! hehehehehe

I went to a party on Saturday night – a friend of mine cubboy had done me the honor of asking me to be hir support person for a very meaningful play session – it was held at Ms Haley’s place, and was a very very heavy back flogging and single-tailing (by another top, not me!) – I was there as Witness and advocate… and to mark cub’s progression

It was a big responsibility and something that I was so happy to be a part of – my friend showed great courage and I’m very proud of hir!

On Sunday – I went to the Daddy/girl night at the Imperial (sapphire_sky01 you would have loved this) – there were readings, films and music, but most impressively my friend crimsontide did two performances, one a wonderful traditional burlesque strip complete with fan, feathers, pasties and sequins… the other was an amazing torch song… I had no idea she could sing like that!!!

Monday I caught up with my dear slut mssslut who was up visiting me from Bleak city – we got to play with several of my new toys! He may write something up to describe… very fun indeed!

Tuesday was the funeral I mentioned – it was sad, but in a good way – I got to see a lot of my relations – and was reminded of why I believe in genetics! hehehehehe While it’s sad that my Aunty Pat just missed 90 – and of course I will miss her – it’s still a very good way to leave this life… out for lunch, the not feeling so well, then gone!

Today I had a couple of good sessions – one was discipline and bondage – including the cane (yay!) and the latex vac-bed… I’m actually really getting into using my vac-bed – it’s such an unusual experience for the sub…

The other was mostly trampling – something I really enjoy… though I must say this sub was a little bit cheeky – Hmm I prefer being addressed as Mistress, not Princess!!!

All in all it’s been interesting – but I’m almost leaving out my other news…

I’m going on holiday in a 12 days!

Back to Thailand!!!

On very short notice I must say – but I really do deserve a break from the cold and from everyday life (even if a Mistress’s life is pretty fun)…

So on Monday 5th I will be on a plane to Thailand for a few days on the beach… I’m not doing the whole trek/bangkok experience – just going straight to the pampering… resort all the way!

Will have to give more info later…