Dumbest thing

by | Jun 4, 2004

Gakked from serpentine_kiss

nose: mjwwfgqoqh
elbow: msxsxderfv azlazn
tongue: msservalan
chin: mmxxsdefrvbzlkz n
feet: msservalan
eyes closed and one finger: msrrbdjsm
back of your hand:msservalan
palm: mssaer5valanm
no mouse
wrist: mmsdsdertvbsal;san


I had a nice day today, I went to Haberfield for lunch with a friend of mine – the food was okay, but the company was great! Plus I did some shopping in one of the special pasta shops for dinner…

Yesterday was another busy day – three sessions, one of which was the kidnapping I mentioned before – very very fun!

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