Naughty boys

by | Jun 25, 2004

I had two “naughty boys” report (separately) to the Headmistress’s office for well deserved thrashings yesterday… it was as always very fun.

One of them mentioned that he would love to have a group lesson with other boys who all have to get their punishment… which I think would be fantastic fun! Imagine the anxiety of sitting in detention and watching as your classmates were brought to the front of the room, had their trousers taken down and were given a dose of the cane!

I’ll have to mention the idea to a few of my regular miscreants and see if they would be interested…

It would be great fun to have a “senior girl” present to watch and provide shocked commentary too – hehehehe I have a couple of friends in mind who’d love to be a part of that!

Note – of course all these boys and girls are really adult men and women aged anywhere from 21-75!