shopping and a visitor

by | Jun 15, 2004

More shopping today, I bought a very cute Emily Strange handbag, because I really “needed” a casual bag. My usual handbag is from Furla, is beautiful cream and black leather and was rather expensive – but it sometimes looks a little odd when I’m in super casual clothes (as is often the case)…

I also saw a wonderful black leather chair in a furniture store in Newtown – I might have to go and buy it – I don’t really like the look of the beige cloth one I have in there now… and it’s on sale!

I also heard from my friend mistresszoe, she’s coming up to Sydney and will be doing a few sessions from my dungeons! I’m really looking forward to seeing her again… we used to work together at SK, of course anyone interested in a double session should get in touch!

Still waiting on a shipment of cool toys from the states – customs is probably playing with them! I’ll have to double viraclean everything when it finally arrives!