Smack smack…

by | Jun 6, 2004

I had a great session yesterday – heavy cp… though I do need to sort out my ouchiness – I’ve got a sore bicep today, shoulder and neck as well. I shall ring my friend the massage-therapist-of-doom and make an appointment – eeek – she’s a bigger sadist than I am!

Today was a shopping, sleeping sort of day really… I went out to the new Megamart near Sydney Park – it’s sort of like Harvey Norman but owned by Myer… I drooled a little at kitchen appliances, but I can think of better things to spend $2500 on right at the moment… The kitchen at my dungeon is so much nicer in some ways than the one in my house – I’d love to do a proper renovation of my kitchen, but I’m just not really willing to spend the time and money at the moment… I’d rather spend it on my business buying equipment and fetish wear and travel and stuff – at least that’s all a tax deduction!

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