Too much fun!

by | Jun 15, 2004

Well today was one of those too much fun days…

I went shopping at the sales – and very sadly didn’t but much for myself (well about $100 on stockings, but that doesn’t count does it???)

Then I was actually feeling a little under the weather for some reason – but I had a session this evening which a couple of my friends deense and Ms F were coming in to watch…

Well it was SO FUN!

The poor sub was into heavy bondage and heavy ball-streching – I have seen him before, but it’s so different when you add a couple of girls into the mix!

I had originally planned to take him (in bondage and ball stretcher) up to the pub for a couple of drinks, but the rotten pub shut early! So instead we met up with my friends in the street so slave could demonstrate how hard it is to sashay with rope bondage and metal ball stretcher in a public street!

Then back to the dungeon – I wanted to show my friends my suspension – it was pretty sexy I have to say… but at this stage they were very much hanging back and seeing what was going on… Ms F has seen a few sessions before (back when I was at SK) but it was all new for deense she was actually a bit shy at first!

However after he was let down – she showed her true colours… hanging her handbag from his ball bondage! Well we all tried that – I think Ms F had the most in her bag, but I didn’t count all my make-up as it was on my makeup table…. poor slave – it was a lot of weight and even more giggling!

More amusement with MsF and deensetaking turns with a leash… and then the suspension attached to only one particular area…. some girls may appear to be more quiet than they really are!!! I think the naughtiest girls may seem subdued at first sight!

But it was so much fun! Thanks to my slave for making it all happen…. we had a lot of laughs at his expense!

It’s always fun to see that side of a friends personality…. some people can certainly surprise me!

I just have to say I really enjoy having the ability to get curious friends of mine to come in and observe some of the fun things I get to do… not everyone has $10,000 worth of equipment in their home – so a chance to see what goes on behind closed doors is quite exciting for everyone!

We took some photos too – so I’ll try and see if I can post some later… maybe one where we’re laughing at all the handbags hanging from poor slave’s balls!!!

Oh – and in meme-land…

freeq is the secret lovechild of dr_nic and ozgenre!!
mordwen and fraerie are having sweet, creamy buttsex!
mordwen is secretly married to a wolf!
msservalan and slutty_rodent used to live together but slutty_rodent moved out when they saw msservalan making out with timling!
msservalan has had implants. Y’know. *Those* Implants.
mystrys and mistresszoe do things behind feedthefetish‘s back that are illegal in most of the world.

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