by | Jul 31, 2004

I had a session at midday today – the strange thing was that he confirmed at 9am! It was amazing that I even answered the phone – I usually don’t turn it on until about 10… **shakes head** anyway, a spanking session with me wearing my lovely navy suit. I’ve owned that particular suit for a long time – years and years, I bought it when I was working full time in my “real” profession and had to work in the City (or North Sydney for a while) every day. Funny that same suit has gone from a lot of boardrooms, meetings and presentations to featuring in my dungeon quite often! Just goes to show there’s no substitute for quality… I’d say that and another of my suits I often wear are the most expensive fetish-wear I own!

I went to Glebe markets also, haven’t been for ages and ages – it was good fun… I bought a very comfy skirt to wear around and just wandered around – I bumped into a couple of old friends (one of whom has been overseas for four years) so that was very cool… had some fantastic scrambled tofu at Badde Manors… yummm

Also bought a wrecked lighthouse to go in my fishtank at home, and a couple of new fish and some plants – I’m a bit slack with the plants usually, but they do look really nice and I’m sure the fish will appreciate them… they’ve already had a look inside the lighthouse. Now at least they’ll have somewhere to hide when the evil black cat tries his luck at fishing – not that he’s had any luck – just a wet paw and a smack!

Off to Newtown to meet up with grey_evil_twin and felix_femme for beers… maybe check out the goth thing, but to be honest I’m not really into that sort of thing… but – you never know! However I have sworn never to buy a Gallery Serpentine corset again – I had one custom made a few years ago and I never wear it because it doesn’t actually cinch at all! Stoopid thing