Go Greece! (or Portugal)

by | Jul 2, 2004

Well it’s a beautiful sunny day today – actually t-shirt weather which is strange when you consider that we are supposed to be in the middle of winter! It makes you wonder why I’m bothering going to Thailand! (well maybe not – hehehehe)

There is a large Greek population in Marrickville, I walked down to a local cafe for brunch and had to smile at all greek flags flying, everywhere from the deli and florist to a lot of the cars zooming up and Marrickville Road bipping their horns and cheering! Up near Underworld the population is more Portuguese – so I expect similar excitement just with different flags!

The travel documents arrived today – yay! It’s really real when you have the tickets in your hand… I’m going to the beautician this afternoon and also off to buy a new cossie, my current one is a few years old and is a little bit perished – I will probably buy a bikini (which is what I prefer), but I always get the chunky sports ones not sexy string sort – I can’t stand worrying if bits will fall off in the surf!