Mistress Servalan and the cracks of DOOM

by | Jul 24, 2004

Blergh – I have cracks in the walls (which have been there for ages) and plaster dust regularly falls plus the door to the schoolroom has been sticking… so I called the real estate agent to let her know. Hmm – not so sure now if that was a great idea… the real estate agent knows that there is a dungeon in the house, and the owner knows that there is “an alternative business” – but not exactly what it is…

Anyway – the owner wants to come and see the cracks, and the new property manager didn’t know anything about what was there. I spoke to the principal of the agency – and we agreed that I would take down the “whips and chains” – and tell the owner that the scaffolding and tarquette on the floor is because I have a photographic studio there… So today was busy – taking all the naughty things out of various rooms and hanging these great theatre lights from my suspension frame… turned the schoolroom into an office (much easier), took the ropes of the bed in the boudoir and added a quilt to make it a regular spare bedroom…

Not that there is any huge reason to worry – as I said, the real estate agent last inspected before I took over when the dungeon was even more “dungeon-y” and cluttered with a lot of scrappy stuff.

In other news I’ve been pretty busy – getting up to a lot of mischief with several subs – I think people missed me while I was away 🙂
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