Multifarious balls…

by | Jul 15, 2004

Why hello there!

All back and sitting up wearing my pink flannelette pyjamas with white fake fur trim… I have to say that makes a big change from the cossie and sarong I’ve been living in for the last eight days 🙁

I had a horror trip back – well not all that horrible really, but I actually got a bit of an anxiety thing on the plane – I’m not afraid of flying and I’m fine during the day, it’s just the overnight bit… I can’t sleep on planes and once all the lights go out I get a bit stir crazy, wriggle madly and start feeling rather trapped (shudder) – next time I fly I’m going to get a sleeping pill script beforehand.

I have to say that a long (I had 6 hours) stopover in Singapore is very dangerous! I think I spent more money per hour in Singapore than I did per day in Thailand… I bought some new perfume for me, some for a friend who’s birthday is coming up, some Chanel makeup, some Mac makeup, a pedometer, a new TENS machine (almost the same as the one I used to use at SK), some sunglasses, some Calvin underwear, alcohol, a couple of books, goodness knows what else… why they sell TENS machines at the airport in Singapore I will never know – but it was a lot cheaper than the same unit in Sydney 🙂

Anyway – then went to bed as soon as I got home, slept for hours and hours and am now awake!

Why the title you ask?

That is what a sign on a little noodle cart said – I think that meant he had different sorts of fish balls to put in the soup, but it certainly made me laugh!

So what else did I do besides laugh at balls?

Lots and lots of swimming – both at the beach and in the two pools at the resort… there was only one day I didn’t swim at least once!

That said – one day I wasn’t as careful as I usually am and got sunburnt! Eep – but not too badly so hopefully my skin won’t suffer too much. That’s what you get for lounging in partial shade reading, going for a couple of swims and then having a long walk on the beach (about 2k I think)

I also went to the most crazy dinner and show experience Phuket Fantasea imagine crossing Thai traditional dance with Cirque de soleil and mardi gras! Sequins, elephants, and lasers…. tacky but great! The buffet restaurant was amazing too – a huge gilded palace – shame about the food though 😉

I also went on a sea kayak tour of the semi-submerged caves – really cool – you have to lie back in the kayak to get into these dark limestone (I think) cave in the steep sides of small islands – inside a couple of the islands are hidden lagoons, you’re totally surrounded by the rocky outcrops but look up and see sea-eagles flying overhead…

Lots of shopping and looking around in Phuket town which is catered more to the locals than the tourists (compared to the markets at Patong beach) – ate at the upstairs food court a couple of times and usually the Farang were outnumbered by thai people by at least 10 to 1.

I bought an amazing (and very expensive for thailand) quilt cover set in cotton (for the washable bit) and pure thai silk… so looking forward to having it on my bed…

Hired a jeep and drove around the island – visited the Gibbon rehabilitation centre which is fantastic… gibbons are extinct on the island of phuket and endangered on the mainland. This project takes gibbons rescued from people who’ve bought them as pets, or touts using them as tourist attractions and tries to find them mates and release them into the National park… it’s a really valuable project.

I had a couple of massages which were great – thai massage is like a weird combination of stretching and massage… though the best was the foot massage! I’ve taken some photos of my feet being pampered so will have to post here if anyone would like to see…

I’d have to say one of the best bits of my trip was visiting Empress Lucy, checking out her wonderful dungeon and having dinner with her… I’ll write more about her later, suffice it to say it’s always easy for one sadist and bondage enthusiast to recognise another and we had a wonderful time together!

All fun aside, it’s so nice to come home again – though I’m hoping sleep won’t elude me for too long! It’s only 3 hours difference so I won’t have proper jet lag – just a combination of no sleep on the plane and a big sleep here when I got home.

I’m looking forward to getting back to my dungeon – and trying out my new TENs machine… (I already have one, but this is much better and has a lot of different sorts of sensations)

I’ll have to find my phone! It’s been turned off for quite a long time…