by | Aug 13, 2004

Looking forward to the warmer weather! Though as certain cold subs would be happy to hear I have a nice gas heater in the dungeon now that heats it up really well… so no more having to put frozen slaves under a hot shower to warm them up!

I’ve had a few calls from my new ad – even one from someone who used to see me at SK, it’s amazing how they are still “coming out of the woodwork”. But what is with people who ring me in the middle of the night! Someone rang at 3am this morning – and not a confused American either – it was a local number… if I were a nastier Mistress I’d ring that number back at 3am next time I’m up and awake and see how they like it!

I feel a need for new clothes at the moment – I’m excited because mssslut has bought me a present in London – apparently its in the mail, so hopefully won’t get held up in customs or anything…

But today I’m feeling rather apathetic about everything – maybe I should just go to the pub and drink beer! Mmm – beer… though – I do want to do some stuff at the dungeon, so I might go and do that in a bit… plus hopefully get my car back from the mechanics (again!) where it has been send for electric window problems – I love my car, but I’m feeling a bit frustrated – I can see the appeal of horrible Hyundais again – but no – wash my mouth out…

Hungry hungry and there’s no food here – I wonder what would be nice for lunch… maybe some noodles? I shall venture outside into the sunshine and see

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