Good and not so good

by | Aug 25, 2004

Well today was another lovely day – t-shirt weather! Bring on spring is all I can say…

I had a fun session with someone new, a cool combination of puppy play and foot fetish! Plus I got to use my locking ball weight – which is all shiny and good 🙂

Oh – and he bought me a bottle of wine! A lovely New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, which is what seems more appropriate with the weather warming up as it is… however I’m cooking something that goes better with red for dinner so will have to wait for another occasion… such a kind gesture.

Someone wrote a very aggressive and to be honest quite stupid comment in beltmeplease‘s lj yesterday… I have no idea what the writer expects from BDSM, but comparing erotic chastity to John Howard is facetious really – something that is all to easy to say when you can’t personally understand a kink and haven’t got the empathy or basic intelligence to grasp what it may be about for the person involved.

Oh well – you can’t tell some people…

Putting that negativity aside, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow – a couple of cp sessions!