Happy Birthday to Mum!

by | Aug 6, 2004

It’s my Mum’s birthday today!

So she came over and we had cake and nice wine and pizza! hehehehe

She retired last year, but has been busier than ever as she’s doing her PhD and has also been lecturing and teaching adult education courses and so on… all going very well, so yay for Mummy 🙂

I did heroic battle with a large piece of wood! It wouldn’t fit in my fireplace (a slow combustion number) so I was shaving bits off with a hatchet… I thought it was going to fit – but then it didn’t – oops! So the door was only partially closed until it burned enough to shove it all the way in… so in the end I beat the log 😉

I also had a (very) late lunch with a friend of mine who’s a proDomme looking to move into an exciting new area! She’s a “very dirty girl” as the song goes and I think will be making waves when she launches her new identity!!! Very exciting indeed – and something quite new for Australia.

I also had some interesting news about another respected colleague, but I’ll have to let her tell you what’s going on…