little update

by | Aug 24, 2004

I have to say the sunny weather is lovely – even if more rain would be a wonderful thing… how fantastic was Sunday – sunny, really warm and even with a nice drop of rain at the end of the day!

I didn’t end up going to Hellfire on Friday night – I think I was just feeling like spending a night at home with a nice glass of red and some Olympics… which has been very fun – though I have to say I’m not as bad as others I know – at least I go to bed!

Had a lot of fun in session recently, one session of foot worship and watersports which was so much fun – the sub in question wasn’t a sub at all rather someone with a strong fetish… but that’s fine – as long as our interests match! I understand that not everyone who’s into feet or whatever is a slave…

However my slave who came to see me on Sunday most certainly is! He’s been seeing me for a few years now – and has ended up trained to love all my favourite things 🙂 So there was much caning and foot worship!

Last night was the session my friends came to watch – one had never seen anything like that before in her life! She was a bit nervous, but soon got into the spirit of things and was pulling on the rope attached to his balls with great enthusiasm…

But what is it with some people on the phone? Why is “Hello Mistress, this is blah” so difficult? I get a lot of “I was ringing about the ad” – which I guess is to be expected, but it’s the rude ones who can’t even be bothered saying hello before they start asking dumb questions that annoy me.

Ergh – and the warmer weather has brought the first blow flies of summer….