by | Aug 16, 2004

I got a present today!

A new latex corset from the UK – sent by mssslut Yay! I think it’s a little small though 🙁 – I’ll just have to lace it tighter! Or now that spring is beckoning I could go back to being a bit more active… I think I can get into a slight hibernation – snuggle in the quilts and not do much activity…

What else – the Olympics! Cool…. I love the olympics – and will happily watch almost anything… how sad are the dreadful attendances though – what’s wrong with those crazy greeks?!? Though the accommodation was ridiculously overpriced – I really wanted to go and was happy to pay the airfare and ticket prices, but even a dodgy motel was asking for about $900 US a night! Umm – no

Starting to think more about my travel plans for the USA next year… I have to decide how long I want to be away for and if I want to extend the trip beyond LA, Las Vegas and see anywhere else as well…

I’ve had some fun sessions in the last few days, putting both the cane and my favourite strap-on to good use 🙂 there’s just something so alluring about a hot red bottom!