by | Aug 11, 2004

Well some progress is being made on my “proper” website – the current one was just supposed to be an interim one – but somehow 8 months later, there it still is! I did spend a bit of time after talking to my designer trawling around the internet looking for websites I like…

Umm – I think I hate everything! Particularly when related to BDSM – too much black… and some awful ugly fonts and tired looking layouts. Or maybe a site looks great (like the Inner Sanctum one) but then everything opens in a new window and the navigation doesn’t seem to make sense… blergh

Anyone got any favourite sites – post ’em here… not BDSM particularly – just to give me a few ideas on look and feel so I can actually give a useful briefing and not just say “Not that – it’s gross!”

I’ve written a heap of copy and have quite a number of pics – hopefully it will all make sense in the end!

Ideally I’d like to be able to make minor changes myself – that way I can keep it fresh – there are a lot of sites out there that may look great, but have had the same pics and copy for years!