by | Sep 13, 2004

Here’s the latest meme…

I picked a restaurant for dinner with mssslut tonight – yumm, it has a lot to live up to after he took me to est last time we played… but this should still be very tasty!

I had a session last night with one of my newest subs – he’s really serious about long term training leading to some form of tpe – but obviously that’s at the very end of a long track as it were… we’ll have to see how things progress.

Going to the beautician this afternoon – all this sunshine is making me think of shorter skirts! Owwie though – see – even Mistresses suffer 😉

I have a film maker who wants to shoot some footage of me with a sub – so any boys interested should email me… you can be fully hooded at all times if you prefer. Also, if anyone is free tomorrow night drop me a little note here…

What kind of villian would you be?
LJ Username  
Favorite color 
Do you root for good, or for awesome? 
Your trusted second in command  mistresskatya
Your arch nemesis, aka;  feedthefetish
Evil appearance  In long, flowing robes, you are both intimidating and damn good looking.
What you;ve done so far  sleeping your way into power. At this rate, it will all be yours. whats left, you can just take.
Your evil powers/skills  You’ve got that seduction thing down pat.
Chances of taking over/destroying world – 23%

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