Oh – a pickle…

by | Sep 23, 2004

Had a couple I’d seen before back today – couples are interesting, and often quite difficult… these guys are okay though, mainly because it seems more of a voyeur session – so I’m not trying to juggle two sets of demands at once.

My favourite type of couple sessions are Mistress training however – I love it when a pushy bottom suddenly realises that maybe getting his g/f some “Domme lessons” wasn’t as good an idea as he thought – instead of her just playing along with his desires, she’s finding that inner Goddess and learning about her own kinks!

very very odd meme

You are a pickle with toothpics in it. But you
knew that already. Are you sour inside? Has
someone done something to you? Maybe to move
on, you need to take those toothpics out
yourself. Or maybe, they’re protecting you
from getting hurt again. Or both. Choose
wisely. Think twice the next time you eat a

The Whats In Your Kitchen Personality Test
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