Poor slave!

by | Sep 16, 2004

Oooh – poor beltmeplease came in to see me today – on day 43 I believe… I think he may have had some idea that he was going to be released… WRONG


Instead he was teased, restrained, shaved and *milked* and then relocked into his new CB3000 with the special extra-security attachement!

I know there are a lot of sympathetic males out there – well maybe if there is enough support I will let him out – or maybe not!

In other news I’ve seen a few new Mistress advertisements around – I often wonder where some of these new ladies come from – of course it takes no skills to place an advertisement… good on them however if they see all the “curiosity seekers” – I’m happy with the CP, bondage, foot and slave training subs! I have a suspicion that because I’m quite strict on the phone (I’ve been known to say – “well go do some research and ring me back when you have given it all some thought”) I get a lot of second or third timers – who want someone more “really Dominant”… which is fine by me!

I have to say I’m loving the spring weather – the pool near me opens again in a couple of weeks… I’ll have to dig out my cossie and get in the water!