by | Sep 15, 2004

Well overnight session with mssslut was fun! We went to Aqua Dining – which I would have to say has one of the best views in Sydney, next time there is a visiting Mistress in town I’ll take her there (I tried to book for Mistress Arika, but they were full!) I wore a cute new dress from Stop Staring that I got in Newtown with a pair of extreme stilettos with a slight platform – one of the waitresses asked me if they were Vivienne Westwood! I wish!!! We had a long conversation about running in heels and being taller… hehehehe

The rest of the session was great too – I wore the new latex corset that he gave me – it looks pretty sexy – even if I say so myself!

Any rubber-lovers should come and have a look – plus I put slave in the latex bodybag for a while too – which is great for extended bondage as it’s comfortable yet very restrictive!

Plus – yesterday I got my newest corset in the mail from England!!! Yay! It’s so great – I’m totally in love – hot pink and black… from Axfords

I do need a new skirt though – something to wear with corsetry and lingerie – I used to have a nice long see through one, but it got runs in it so I chucked it away – pout… I actually got it from a crappy store in Marrickville – it was the outside layer over some ugly thing – I just cut the inside layer out! About $15 and fantastic… maybe I’ll have to go trawl the shops and see if there is anything similar….