masochists and submissives…

by | Oct 16, 2004

There was a thread on the Hang at Max Fisch recently about submissives vs masochists and which Mistresses prefer… at the time – I was in the masochist camps – but I do really enjoy playing with both (oh and also fetishists who are neither just so long as their fetish aligns with one of mine!)

Today I had a great example of playing with both – my newest slave-in-training – and a new CP enthusiast… I got slave to arrive half an hour before the other session – and then after taking his possessions away from him (in a garbage bag of course), locked him in the dark cell under the dungeon… he was there for around an hour and a half with the exquisite torment of listening to me thrash the bottom of the cp client!

Of course discretion was totally ensured, as there was no possibility of them ever crossing paths in any way – and the sound isn’t particularly distinct as far as voices etc goes…

I think poor slave (who isn’t a masochist at all) was a bit scared when I returned to let him out of the cage and give him some more personal torment… but he wasn’t going to be in too much trouble – he gave me a beautiful basket of pampering products from L’Occitane for my birthday – focussing on foot care and with some beautiful pale green verbena scented candles – which just shows how thoughtful he was to go and choose each item – not just grab what was there… of course I suspect a slight hidden agenda – as he dearly loves to massage and worship my feet, but is rarely accorded the privilege!

So I had a wonderful day! I got to administer a sound caning with someone who prefers a casual friendly tone to the session… satisfying my love of pain (and a few drops of blood too) – and I also got to satisfy my love of Dominating and training my slave… playing in some ways even darker games with him – it’s just that no one can see the marks I leave on the inside of his head!