Rope is my friend!

by | Oct 20, 2004

Yay – does happy dance…

I had one of my very favourite subs in to see me tonight – heavy bondage!

And he’s not “tie me down so I can’t move” – heavy bondage – but super severe predicament bondage that’s physically strenuous…

I did several positions – for once no suspension, but lots of head bondage – it’s so incredibly restrictive in a different way to regular tying down – a lot of standing on one foot with lots of strange stresses…

But at the end it was more along the lines of “nice comfy bondage” lying flat as a mummy… oh -except for the tens machine on the bits – hehehehehehe….

Anyway – I had a lot of fun! And I have another bondage session tomorrow!

Hmm – still looking for some discipline!

Oh – and for anyone not in Sydney – it’s still raining – yay for rain, but I think I’d rather it rained a bit more in the catchment area and a little less on my towels 😉