Update time!

by | Oct 2, 2004

Well last week was good… I saw my mssslut two nights in a row – and we had a great time playing, chatting and drinking nice wine! Hmm – someone looks rather fetching in a red wig I must say – hehehehe

I can’t even remember what else I’ve been doing – apparently though my photo was in an edition of SX, but of course all the people who saw it told me after the new edition was out and I couldn’t find it. The guy who works at my gym said “it looked like I was wearing some sort of catwoman thing” – oh I said, my latex corset… hehehehe – it did look great I must say, I’ll chat to my friend tonight if I see her (who took the photo) and see if she can get me a copy of the paper.

Oh – though I did catch up with my Auntie this afternoon – and my Mum – it was a sort of joint birthday because it was my auntie’s birthday last week and it’s mine next week! So we ate a lot of chocolate cake – which was surprisingly nice – I don’t usually have a sweet tooth…

Sleaze Ball tonight! And I’m taking the rest of the long weekend off – even the wicked deserve a little bit of rest now and then – and I have been fulfilling my quota of wickedness I’m sure 😉

I’m not wearing anything too impressive to Sleaze – my leather kilt and top with chunky knee-high leather boots is the plan – it’s not as impressive looking as the stuff I’m more likely to wear to fetish events – but I love dancing and its much more comfy after a few hours on the dance floor!

I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of my friends tonight – and all those dance floor acquaintances I’ve seen at parties over the last too many years!