Weekend update and curse of the mummy!

by | Oct 26, 2004

I keep meaning to update and then I forget – so it will be a whirlwind update…

Saturday I went to physio for my ankle (which has still been a little bit tight) – I had a lot of fun with my newest slave on Saturday evening – it’s amazing what you can talk someone into – hehehehehehehe – under duress 😉 – he was in super restrictive pallet wrap mummification, with even his head wrapped and then gaffer taped… oh and electrical torture to help… but I did also allow him to give me a pedicure as a reward afterwards /looks at toes – not too bad at all!

Then on Sunday I spent about 3 hours with a certain Houdini bondage sub I’ve been seeing for a while now – this was the first time privately though… he’s only into leather bondage, so it’s a bit more of a challenge to ensure he can’t escape – I think we finished up 3/2 in my favour! I have to say there is nothing like unsymetrical bondage to keep someone off balance (literally!) and much less likely to escape!

The yesterday – sweet cross-dresser – I always love these sorts of sessions and makes a change from my usual dungeon scenarios.

And – the intro from a couple of weeks ago for being disrespectful came back in! This time he was perfectly behaved and all went much better…

Anyway – off to do some shopping… nothing very exciting though – just boring dungeon supplies like washing liquid.

Oh – and if you need guaranteed sunshine – ask me to take a load of towels home to dry – I don’t have a dryer at the dungeon, and everytime I ran out of towels during the rain and took some home to dry the next day was blazing sunshine….