by | Nov 7, 2004

Well the photo shoot on Friday went ahead – but was rather strange – I forgot how off-putting I find a certain type of young woman – they just seem so fake and scary! It reminded me again of how happy I am not to work full time in that world anymore…

My session with mssslut was great – very intense, I pierced him for the first time – two needles in each nipple… I also did some very fun bondage with pallet wrap (it heat shrinks) and lots of rope – including head bondage – I’ll have to put the pics up!

Yesterday went out to the Southern Highlands for a few hours, very relaxing… and such a nice sunny day! Buffy (my bullmastiff) had a great time running around and even chased some rabbits (not that she could catch any – but it was fun for her to sniff and chase!)

Finally saw Shaun of the Dead – have to agree, very funny! I shouldn’t say that the Ed character reminded me of a friend of mine from Uni…. hehehehehe – well not quite… none of my friends are smokers!

Today got to spend some time with my slave that’s undergoing extensive training… today he was given his first golden shower! I think that many subs are often surprised at their reactions – it’s not nearly as humiliating or unpleasant as they were expecting – just very exciting! Of course being “queen of hydration” must make a difference – hehehehe – and not just to my skin 😉

Also took the dog to the park today – she’s amazed at all the attention, but is snoring away looking very relaxed!

Which I am too I must say – a nice glass of red never goes astray – (thanks to mssslut for the Shadowfax Pinot Noir!) I’ve become such a red fancier, I wonder if I’ll be like my friend candy, who drinks big Hunter Valley reds even in the middle of summer! Well – maybe not a huge tannin-rich Shiraz – but a lighter style red??? Yumm – though I do love a tasty Sauvignon Blanc too – particularly the Malborough ones from New Zealand….

Oh – and in quizzland…. who would’a thunk it 🙂

Bow down! you are the Queen! whatever you say,
goes. You have a large dose of confidence but
dont let that get to your ego! Surrounded by
wealth and soaking in power, you are the face
that everyone knows and looks to for stability.
A true leader, you know right from wrong and
how to fix a tough situation. Long Live the

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