I love my singletail!

by | Nov 18, 2004

Well I was very lucky yesterday and had two fabulous sessions!

Originally I had a booking, which didn’t go ahead – and I must admit to being a little miffed at this person for not ringing (or smsing) to cancel… anyway – it ended up being very lucky because one of my favourite slaves rang not long after and asked if he could come and see me! Which I otherwise wouldn’t have had time for…

So – I got to use my new singletail on his bottom! It was fantastic – and I’m very happy that all that practicing has gone to good use as I felt very comfortable with it… and of course the sound of the whip crack is fantastic!

Then I had mssslut come in – so of course he had to be singletailed also – hehehehe – well that’s how it is with a new toy! Not that I would bring it out for someone who only wanted foot worship and a golden shower – I do respect people’s interests… but if you take cp…..

Not that the focus of the session was on the singletail – especially as slut can’t have marks that last more than a few hours… so we got up to lots of fun – including a lovely makeover before I got spoilt with a very yummy dinner at Luke Managan’s salt – I want to get the recipe for the risotto I had – I enjoy making risotto even if it is very labour intensive…

Two fun sessions planned for this afternoon/ evening – and then my friend Mistress Circe is coming in to borrow the dungeon… I’m really looking forward to seeing her again – I’ve missed her the last few times.