by | Nov 4, 2004

Such an odd day as far as lost things….

First I spent ages and ages looking for the bag I keep all my nail polish and manicure things in – I searched for hours with no avail – and decided that I was going to have to replace all my Chanel lacquers including the two new ones that slave gave me!!! eeek

Then – I had a session with someone I hadn’t seen before – with I may add, no polish on my nails at all 🙁

The session was a lot of fun – strap-on, some cbt and other fun things… But… the poor sub in question bought a lovely bottle of wine to share – and for some reason my corkscrew was M.I.A. – I spent what felt like ages rummaging through all the drawers, but to no avail 🙁

Fast forward – somehow everything turned up! Not where it would have been expected…

Corkscrew in my dressing room – goodness knows why!

Nail polish in the bag at home under something… well at least it has been found! I must admit to being rather anxious that it had somehow disappeared – though how that would have happened is like one of those stupid brain teasers where the key players are goldfish!

Oh well – at least all is in it’s place – at least as far as I know!

Another photo shoot in the dungeon tomorrow – I have to be in there early! Well – early for me anyway 😉

Then hmmm – we’ll have to see what happens!