New Toy!

by | Nov 13, 2004

I picked up my newest weapon of ass destruction (or back) – a black snake whip! Woo hoo… Very excited 😀

In other news – I’m really looking forward to some sessions coming up with my friend Miss Evie Quinn – a very naughty switch who’s coming into a couple of sessions with me next week, one where she’s going to be tied with one of my fav. bondage subs and another where she’s coming in for spanking and other mischief…. should be very fun.

What the hell is it with people calling me in the middle of the night! I’m so tired – I got called at 1.43 am, 2.21 am and then 3.39 am – hence being a little tired and grumpy this morning… probably someone wanting to talk to me in “drunkenese” – joy

I’ve had some fun with a couple of people I haven’t seen before – lots of nipple torment and merciless teasing 😉